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A Family Business

Classic Metal Company is a small family-owned business about 100 miles west of Chicago, Illinois. Inspired by the giant wooden barn quilts that decorate barns in the Midwest, we started our business with the idea of creating smaller, but more durable barn quilts for people without barns to hang on their homes.

A confluence of circumstances and opportunities came together in 2011 (some people would say it was “by coincidence,” but we see it as “God's leading”) so that we launched our business with 10 quilt designs, cut out of 14 gauge steel, and “painted” with a powder coat process that gives them a hard, durable, long-lasting finish for any type of climate. We strive to give our quilting friends the best, highest quality product we can, so we guarantee everything we produce and sell.

All of our home décor pieces are made in the U.S. with only one exception, and believe me, we left no stone unturned trying to find a way to have that one item made here at home, too!

Today Classic Metal Company has expanded its line of products to include other quilt and quilter-related items for your home: welcome signs, napkin holders, night lights, Christmas ornaments, garden stakes, and ruler holders are just the beginning.

We love hearing from our customers and are thrilled every time someone sends us a photo showing us another creative way that our “barn quilts” are displayed in or on their homes, sheds, garages and fences. Just goes to show that you really don't have to have a barn to enjoy a barn quilt.

Meet Mark, Danira and Jack

Mark is the main man at CMC. He pretty much does it all including design work, product management, inventory control, order taking, packing & shipping, sales, and customer service. When you call us, it's him you'll be talking to. He's a one-man-band, who loves “his quilting ladies” and especially enjoys interacting with them at quilt shows.

Mark's wife, Danira, fills in where she can as support staff and transportation crew when she is not busy at her regular job as a pastor with the United Methodist Church.

Jack, our much loved Border Collie, is our motivational coach and head cheerleader. He loves his job of encouraging us to smile, laugh, and get some exercise. 

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Phone:  (815) 252-0104

Address:  115 16th Street  | Mendota IL  61342